Lautiosaari–Puukkokumpu Skiing Trail

Cross-country Skiing trail from Kemi to Martimoaapa. Length: 36km

Lautiosaari-Puukkokumpu skiing track passes through the western part of Martimoaapa. The track is also known as “Kivalon outdoor track”.

There is Kaltiolampi wilderness hut and several campfire sites along the track: Kurkioja lean-to shelter, Oravakankaantie P-area lean-on shelter, Vähäjärvenoja lean-on shelder, Laavu Rovavaara, Kirvesoja campfire site, Helkkusenvaara campfiresite.

During summer this same route is used as a hiking trail, but note that the route is pretty wet and hard to go.

The route is maintained by Keminmaa municipality. Ski track maintenance state:

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