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Martimoaapa.com is a website presenting the reserve area of Martimoaapa mire. The website is maintained voluntarily, as a hobby and from love to Martimoaapa area. We have collected here facts and camping tips for people who are interested in the area. Metsähallitus is the management of the area and manage the official web site.

Martimoaapa is a mire reserve area in the Northern Finland, at Sea Lapland. The area is well suitable for day-walks and small hikes all around the year. When there is no snow on the ground, the best way to move around the area is the 12,8 km long marked route or Järviaapa circle route (9km).

Martimoaapa offers a lot to see for bird watchers also. There are bird tower in the area where one can follow the life of our winged friends.
During the winter and especially during the spring, when the snow will carry weight, one can move around more freely with skiis and snow-boots.

Latest blog posts

  • Fall in Love with Hiking -course
    I was involved in organizing Oulun Latu’s Rakastu retkeilyyn, course in May in Martimoaapa. We went on a planning trip on May Day, and the course’s overnight trip was held at the end of May. The course went well and left the camping spark burning.
  • Martimoaapa history part 5
    In the early half of the 20th century various skiing and downhill skiing trips to the Penikkavaara hills were organized from nearby areas. In the 1970s, there was a ski slope with lifts at Keski-Penikka, and hiking trails were built. At the same time, there was also a growing interest in nature conservation.
  • Martimoaapa history part 4
    The phases of Finland’s independence and wartime years also touched the Martimoaapa area. Jäger soldiers traversed a secret route through the area and the Simo skirmish took place in the Maaninkajärvi.
  • Martimoaapa history – part 3
    Since the late 1800s, settlement has gradually spread to the surrounding villages of Martimoaapa. During the summer, the scythes of the mowers swayed on the grassy marshes, while in winter, the nearby forests were filled with logging sites. The swamps and forest patches were excellent hunting grounds.

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