Welcome to Martimoaapa.com

Martimoaapa.com is a website presenting the reserve area of Martimoaapa mire. The website is maintained voluntarily, as a hobby and from love to Martimoaapa area. We have collected here facts and camping tips for people who are interested in the area.

Martimoaapa is a mire reserve area in the Northern Finland, at Sea Lapland, in a small village called Simo. The area is well suitable for day-walks and small hikes all around the year. When there is no snow on the ground, the best way to move around the area is the 12,8 km long marked route or Järviaapa circle route (9km). Metsähallitus is the management of the area and manage the official web site.

Trails and campfire sites

During the winter and especially during the spring, when the snow will carry weight, one can move around more freely with skiis and snow-boots. Wide swamp areas allures also snowkiting enthusiasts to the area.

Martimoaapa offers a lot to see for bird watchers. There are bird tower in the area where one can follow the life of our winged friends. In addition to this, if one is observant enough, it is possible to spot footmarks of bears, lynxes and foxes.