Kivalo Jeager’s hut

Kivalo Jeager’s wilderness hut is a small day Trip Hut at the foot of Keski-Penika, about 300 meters from Oravankankaantie.

Toilet:Dry toilet
Coordinates:lat: 65.88017 ° lon: 25.04269 °
Map:Wilderness hut at map
Notes:In the yard there is a fountain-trickle
Considerations:Hut is not recommended for sleeping


Hut is not recommended for sleeping because it is built from pressurized logs. Good way to Kivalo’s Jaeger-hut is to walk from Kivalo’s parking place long the hiking track.

Kivalo’s Jeager-hut is not the original jaeger-hut. In 1994 the reservists built the current jeager-hut. There is the fountain-trickle nearby.

Hut is maintained by the municipality of Keminmaa.

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